Juma Al Majid

He was born in Al Shandagah, Dubai, in 1349H. -1930 A.D., in his youth, he accompanied his father on diving cruises that used  to take place during summer. These trips have taught him patience and endurance.

He learned reading and writing, in addition to the Holy Quran and Arabic Language, in local schools at that time, (known as Ktateeb) ran by local teachers (known as Mutawa). Since those times he has realized the value and the importance of the book, when books were hardly obtained  during that time.

Juma Al Majid started his professional life with his uncle in trade, afterwards he became a trader.

At the beginning of the fifties, he participated with his colleagues : Mr. Humaid Al Tayer, Abdullah Al Ghurair, Nasir Rashed Loutah, and with consent of Sheikh Rashed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum in the establishment of the first charitable society to help the needy of Dubai, so they established two secondary schools, one for boys in Bar Dubai, called Jamal Abdul Nasser Secondary School, the second for girls in Deira, called Amna Secondary Schools.

In 1983,and due to economic and social circumstances, it was difficult for expatriate students to be admitted to the public schools, Mr. Al Majid established the “ National Charity Schools” to help the needy expatriate students obtaining free education. The number of students attending classes now exceeds 9000 students, poor students continue enjoying free education, while others are requested to pay cost only.

Deeply understanding the women’s need for knowledge and the difficulties they faced in reaching Al Ain University or traveling abroad, Mr. Al Majid  established the “Islamic and Arabic Studies College” in 1987 in Dubai. This college which accepts students from The GCC states, is accredited by Al – Azhar University, Dar Al Uloom College and the UAE Ministry of Higher Education. About 3700 students, 2500 females, and 1200 males are now attending the college. till  now 4119 students, 3302 females, and 817 males have graduated from the college. There is also post-graduate department for Islamic science and Arabic language, The graduates granted M.A  and Ph. D degrees  in jurisprudence and Arabic language, the registered students reached 132 females, 23 of them got master degree.

In 1990, Mr. Al Majid, along with other local philanthropists, established “Beit Al Khair Society” a charitable organization aims to aid the poor citizens, needy students, as well as offering cash or commodities to the victims of disasters, moreover, Mr. Al Majid has helped to establish many schools in Arab and Islamic countries, and funded education especially for  Palestinians , hence, he gave them priority even in his trade, to enable them providing money for their families.

In 1991, Mr. Al Majid realized the needs of scholars and researchers, especially those who are unable to obtain the necessary books, references and manuscripts, so he established a public library, afterwards it was developed to become a cultural  organization  ,known as,  Juma Al Majid  Center for Culture and Heritage.

Mr.  Juma Al Majid, accompanied by specialists from the center  has visited many countries to collect Arab and Islamic manuscripts (originals and copies), and he found that it was very necessary to develop a restoration machine, known as “ Al Majid Restoration Machine” to restore damaged original manuscripts and protect them from corrosion. The machines have been distributed as a gift to more than 14 countries.

  • Member and founder of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Vice chairman of the board of  the UAE Central Bank.
  • Chairman of the Economic Affairs Council in Dubai.
  • Chairman of Juma Al Majid group of companies.
  • Vice chairman of Emirates Bank International.
  • Founder and chairman of board of trustees of the Islamic and Arabic Studies College – Dubai.
  • Founder of The National Charity Schools - Dubai.
  • Founder and chairman of Beit Al Khair Society – Dubai.
  • Member of Emirates University Council.
  • Founder and member of The Arab Thought Foundation- Beirut – Lebanon.
  • Ex-chairman of Dubai Educational Zone Parents’  Council.
  • Ex-advisory committee’s member of The Middle East Studies Center in Harvard University.

In appreciation of his efforts, Mr. Juma Al Majid has been awarded several local and international awards:

  • He has been awarded  in 1990 by Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice for housing the Kuwaiti families and for his role in establishing Emirates- Kuwaiti Fraternity Committee.
  • Sultan Bin Ali Al- Owais award “The Cultural Personality of the year”- 1992.
  • Dubai Quality Prize (businessman of the year 1994), granted by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, The UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai.
  • Award for eradication of illiteracy and adult education awarded by Ministry of Education-1995.
  • Merit certificate from the Moroccan Historians Society honoring his efforts in serving culture and heritage-1996.
  • Al Birr Prize, granted by her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubbarak, The president’s spouse, Head of General Women Union – 1998.
  • King Faisal Prize for serving Islam – 1999.
  • Certificate of honor from the Scientific Council in St. Petersburg University, honoring his role in preserving The Islamic Heritage- 1990.
  • Certificate of honor from the Islamic Center in Aachen – Germany – 2000.
  • Two merit certificates from the Palestinian Goodness Society and Charitable Works Society, in appreciation of his efforts and support of the Palestinian issue – 2000.
  • Award of the  International personality of the year 2000 for serving culture and heritage, granted by Husni Mubark, President of Egypt.
  • Certificate of honor from The Arab Cultural Association in Beirut for his efforts in preserving The Arabic and Islamic heritage – 2001.
  • Certificate of merit from Kuwaiti Ministry of Information for his distinguished efforts to serve Islam – 2001.
  • Sharjah Voluntary Work Award granted by H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, ruler of Sharjah – 2003.
  • Mr. Juma Al Majid has been awarded the “ first degree Jerusalem’s medal’ by Dr. Mahmoud Abbas, chairman of P.L.O. and president of P.N.A.