23 July 2023

A course in time management and life pressures

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai organized a course entitled “Time Management and Life Stress: A Pause with Priorities”, presented by Dr. Tariq Rashid, an expert in institutional development and an international consultant accredited by the United Nations, and (40) trainees participated in the course. And trained from many governmental and private agencies and interested parties.
The course aimed at introducing participants to the basic concepts of time management and its challenges, and how to invest time in a positive way in order to achieve life goals, while taking steps to organize time to overcome surrounding pressures.
In the session, Dr. Tariq Rasheed dealt with many topics, most notably: setting priorities in life and tasks between the urgent and the important, the keys to investing time efficiently and effectively, organizing time and combating waste, and managing pressures in the work environment.