16 September 2022

A delegation from the King Abdulaziz Complex for Endowment Libraries visits the center

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai received Dr. Fahd Al-Wahbi, Secretary General of the King Abdul Aziz Complex for Endowment Libraries, and Mr. Ahmed Al-Nuzha, Director of the Digitization Center in the complex.
The visit aimed to see the standards followed by the Center in preserving manuscripts. The delegation was received by Dr. Muhammad Kamel Jad, Director General of the Center, Ms. Sheikha Al-Mutairi, Head of the National Culture and Media Departments, and Mr. Anwar Al-Dhaheri, Head of the Public Relations Division at the Centre. Generalize the center with the guests, and talk to them about the role the center plays in preserving human heritage, then take them on an introductory tour of the center’s departments.
Among the departments that the delegation was interested in visiting was the Department of Conservation, Treatment and Restoration, where the delegation listened to a detailed explanation from Dr. Bassam Dagestani, Head of the Department, about the methods of preservation, maintenance and restoration that the center follows in preserving books, manuscripts and documents.