28 October 2022

A student delegation from the American University in Dubai visits the center

A student delegation from the Arabic Language Program of the Department of International and Middle Eastern Studies at the College of Arts and Humanities at the American University in Dubai visited the center, with the aim of getting to know the center. Among the delegation were Dr. Qassem Muhammad Wahba, professor of Arabic at the university, and thirteen Male and female students representing the Colleges of Engineering and the Mohammed bin Rashid College of Communication.
They were received by Dr. Muhammad Kamel Jad, Director General of the Center, and he spoke to them about the pioneering role the Center plays in serving researchers and scholars who are looking for references and sources of knowledge that will benefit them in their studies. He also explained to them the difficulties that the Center faced until it became one of the The largest centers in the world in terms of quantity and quality in terms of books, manuscripts and documents.