12 December 2011

Electronic Archiving of the Medical Records

Juma AlMajid Center for Culture and Heritage has held a course in Electronic Archiving of the Medical Records to the Ministry of Health (FujairahMedicalDistrict). The course waspresentedbyMr. Ahmed Osman Ahmed Electronic Archiving official at Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage, thesessionwasheldinFujairahon Monday12/12/2011. The course included an introduction to electronic archiving, and a group of archiving concepts as well as conversion of paper records to electronic records and hardware and software for archiving and system centralization and decentralization in the management of records, and trading files and follow-up, and security and protection ofrecords. Participants were also introduced to the Document Management System DMS and Business Process Automation System BPS and content management system CMS.