18 May 2023

Juma Al Majid Center Concludes Scientific Course in Manuscript Verification

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai concluded a scientific course titled “The Art of Manuscript Verification: Foundations, Theories, and Applications.” The course took place over three days and was presented by Sheikh Dr. Abdulhakim Al Anis, Senior Principal Researcher and a member of the Senior Scholars Authority at the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai. The course was attended by 37 participants interested in the field of manuscript verification.
The center’s goal through this course was to alert those interested in engaging in manuscript verification to the necessity of familiarizing themselves with the rules, principles, and methodologies of manuscript verification. Participants were encouraged to undergo training under the supervision of experts who have worked in this field and to stay updated on the scholarly criticism of published verified works. Additionally, the course aimed to cultivate an understanding of comparing editions and assessing different publications.
At the conclusion of the course, Dr. Mohammed Kamil, the Director-General of the center, presented Dr. Abdulhakim Al Anis with a commemorative shield and a certificate of appreciation, recognizing his contributions and knowledge, and thanking him for his collaboration with the center. Participants of the course were also awarded certificates of completion.