13 June 2024

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage Participates in the First Archive Forum

The Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai participated in the First Archive Forum under the theme “Towards a Sustainable Archive,” held on Thursday, June 13, 2024. The event was sponsored by the Municipal Council and the Municipality of Al Dhaid and organized by the Regulatory Documents Department of the Municipality. The forum took place at Expo Al Dhaid in Sharjah, with the participation of 20 governmental and private entities in the country.
The Center’s participation included a manuscript exhibition, showcasing a copy of the book “Al-Mukhtar for Fatwa” by Abu Al-Fadl Al-Mawsili, a copy of “Takhamis Al-Wasa’il Al-Muqabila fi Madah Al-Nabi” by Abu Bakr Al-Lakhmi, who died in 645 AH. Additionally, a copy of “Al-Fawa’id Al-Diya’iyya Sharh Al-Kafia” by Al-Jami, who died in 898 AH, with the transcription date of Safar 1085 AH, and “Sharh Ma fi Sadr Al-Maqamat min Al-Ma’ani wal-Lughat” by Ibn Hamama Al-Sijlmasi, who died in the sixth century AH, with the transcription date going back to the tenth century AH, were displayed.
The exhibition also featured samples of original manuscript papers that had been damaged due to poor preservation, along with the tools used in the restoration of books, documents, and manuscripts.
At the end of the exhibition, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah bin Huwaidin, Chairman of the Municipal Council of Al Dhaid, honored the Center for its cooperation in making the exhibition a success. The certificate of appreciation was received on behalf of the Center by Mr. Anwar Al-Dhaheri, Head of the Public Relations Division.