24 May 2023

Juma Al Majid Center organizes a lecture on the textual Kharijites of manuscripts and codicology

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai organized a virtual lecture entitled “The Textual Kharijites in Manuscripts and Codicology: What Relationship?”, Presented by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Al-Tobi, Researcher in Arabic Manuscripts, and a group of interested and scholars participated in it.
In the lecture, Dr. Mustafa dealt with a set of elements that support the affiliation of the textual Kharijites to codicology, starting with the issue of the topic, which is an epistemological problem that wards off the homogeneity of the thesis and the method, explaining that the thesis of excavations can make the textual Kharijites a party to the science of manuscripts, and he divided these Kharijites into historical constraints , and procedural restrictions, technical restrictions, special restrictions, and the copyist’s memory, and he stated that it accommodates a large number of what is written in the manuscripts and not from the core of the text in its proper sense, such as endowments, possessions, benefits, supplications, listening, readings, interviews, dedications, overlays, comments, footnotes, And the lengths of the text, and the beginnings, and the endings, and the hedges, and others.
He called for a descriptive approach to these textual Kharijites based on the direct observation of the manuscripts by focusing on the anomalies of the customs of the paper, and at the end of his lecture he concluded with a set of questions that enriched the topic and clarified the outstanding issues.
At the end of the lecture, which witnessed an interaction from the present audience, the center thanked Dr. Mustafa Al-Tobi for his wonderful presentation of the lecture.