17 October 2023

Juma Al Majid Center participates in celebrating Arab Document Day

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai, participated in the Dubai Historical Documentation Center the celebration of Arab Document Day, in the presence of a group of specialists in the field of preserving and archiving historical documents from various governmental and private institutions in the country.
The Center’s participation was represented by a lecture entitled “Preventive and Curative Preservation Plans for Documents and Manuscripts,” presented by Dr. Bassam Daghestani, Head of the Center’s Preservation, Treatment and Restoration Department, in which he highlighted the methods of preservation and maintenance carried out by the Center for documents and manuscripts, including sterilization and treatment of biological pests. And chemical injuries, in addition to manual and mechanical restoration, thermal strengthening, and Arab-Islamic binding, taking into account storage conditions and specifications of the warehouses in which manuscripts and documents must be kept.
The Center also participated in a workshop on the manual restoration of manuscripts and documents, in which Dr. Bassam presented examples of original manuscript papers that were damaged as a result of poor preservation, and how the Center restores and maintains them manually in order to preserve this human heritage.
At the conclusion of the event, Mr. Abdul Aziz Saleh Al Shehhi, Director of the Dubai Historical Documentation Center o honored the Center with a commemorative shield and a certificate of thanks and appreciation to Dr. Bassam Daghistani for his useful presentation of the lecture.