14 September 2023

Juma Al Majid Center presents a lecture on collecting Arabic manuscripts

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai organized a virtual lecture entitled “Collecting Arabic Manuscripts in the 11th Century AH/17AD in Light of the Orientalists’ Correspondences with the Intellectuals of the Levant and Aleppo,” presented by Dr. Rasha Al-Khatib, Assistant Professor at Philadelphia University in the Kingdom of Jordan. Hashemite.
In the lecture, Dr. Rasha presented unknown aspects of the history of collecting Arabic manuscripts in the 11th century AH / 17th century AD, in light of what was revealed by the correspondence of some orientalists with some intellectuals of the Levant and Aleppo in that period. These correspondences or letters exchanged between these orientalists and some intellectuals from the Levant and Aleppo provide new details regarding the collection of Arabic manuscripts from our countries and their later transfer to Europe, and provide evidence of cognitive communication between the East and the West in the late, pre-modern eras.
These correspondences are letters belonging to three orientalists from the Netherlands and England, and they exchanged them with a number of educated Muslims and Christians, most of whom were unknown people, who helped the orientalists learn the Arabic language when they came to the East, and also helped them collect Arabic manuscripts.