10 February 2022

Juma Al Majid Center Presents a Lecture on “Estimating the Age of Manuscripts and Documents”

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai, in cooperation with Fayoum University in the Arab Republic of Egypt, organized a virtual lecture On Thursday, February 10, 2022, entitled “Estimating the Age of Manuscripts and Documents: Theories and Techniques”, presented by Dr. Madian Hamid Abdel Hadi, a teacher of antiquities restoration at Fayoum University and an expert and certified trainer in Studies of inks, counterfeiting, counterfeiting and restoration of monuments and manuscripts.
The lecture dealt with several axes, most notably: the physical and chemical components of the manuscript for its cellulosic, protein and inorganic carriers, the inks and duration of the manuscript and its various gilding and decoration materials, as well as a discussion of dating theory and estimating the age of antiquities and manuscripts, and the indications of their dating and estimating their age with specialized scientific techniques to estimate age such as the annual rings of trees and brilliance Thermal imaging, scanning microscopy (SAM), fluorescence analysis of bones, radiological methods such as radiocarbon 14, and acceleration mass spectrometry (AMS).