21 September 2023

Juma Al Majid Center presents a lecture on heritage circuit and racing books

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai, in cooperation with the Arabian Horse Center (Bait Al Arab) in Kuwait, held a virtual lecture entitled “Traditional Circuit and Racing Books… The Book of Milk and Jalabiya by Issa bin Lahia, d. 257 AH, as a model,” presented by: Professor Yahya Abdullah Al-Kandari, researcher at the Arabian Horse Center. (House of Arabs) from the State of Kuwait.
The lecture aimed to revive the lost and written heritage of the circuit and race, study its texts, and search for its manuscripts.
Al-Kandari divided the topic of his lecture into three axes: In the first axis, he began with the style of the circuit and the race, and the jurisprudential, hadith, news, and linguistic classifications he wrote in it, pointing to the manuscript, the printed, and the lost ones that were available, we say. In the second axis, he dealt with the biography of the author Issa bin Lahia, the scarcity of his translation, and the neglect of historians to mention him through What dear texts were available, and he concluded in the third axis with the texts that reached us from his book (Al-Hala’ib and Al-Jalaib), an analysis, study, and approximation of them, while anticipating the size of the book and examining its content and the approach of its author.