24 May 2022

Juma Al Majid Center presents a lecture on writing research and scientific theses

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage organized, in cooperation with Al Wasl University in Dubai, a virtual lecture On Tuesday 5/24/2022 entitled “Steps for Writing Research and Scientific Theses”, presented by Dr. Ibrahim Rababa’a, Dean of Postgraduate Studies at Al Wasl University in Dubai, in the presence of a group of specialists. and those interested in this topic.
The lecture was based on three main axes: the importance of scientific research and its objectives, the structure of building a research plan and theses, and the most important notes on theses.
In his lecture, Dr. Ibrahim dealt with the characteristics and pillars of scientific research, and explained how to write a scientific research plan or a scientific thesis, and how to formulate the problem, objectives, and summary of the study, while presenting models of scientific discussions in order to identify common mistakes in scientific research and master’s and doctoral theses in order to avoid falling In the same way by researchers, in addition to what should be included in these research and letters of results and recommendations.