05 March 2024

Juma Al Majid Center Releases Its New Book “Faces of the Quran”

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai has published a new book titled “Faces of the Quran,” authored by the renowned physician and scholar Abu Al-Fadl Kamal al-Din Hubeish bin Ibrahim bin Muhammad al-Tiflisi, who passed away around the year 600 AH, with research conducted by Dr. Taha Muhammad Fares.
The researcher introduced the book with a study that includes the author’s biography, followed by an exploration of the facets and parallels in the Quran. This was followed by a study of the book utilizing a printed Persian version and a manuscript from the center’s collection titled “Explanation of the Various Meanings of Quranic Words Before Interpretation.” The book also includes an investigation section arranged alphabetically, and it concludes with several technical indexes to facilitate reading and research, including an index of words and faces, an index of references, and a subject index.