28 February 2023

Juma Al Majid Center sheds light on the creativity of the authors in the Arab-Islamic civilization

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai organized a virtual lecture entitled “Authors’ Creativity in the Arab-Islamic Civilization”, presented by Professor Sheikha Abdullah Al-Mutairi, Head of the National Culture and Media Departments at the Center, and a number of those interested in the subject of Arab civilization participated in it. Islamic.
The lecture was based on three main axes: the elements of creativity in the Arab-Islamic civilization, the manifestations of creativity in the literature, and tracing the impact of the early scholars in creativity.
Professor Sheikha believed that one of the most important elements of creativity in the Arab-Islamic civilization was the encouragement of caliphs, rulers, and governors to write, learn, and translate, and the spread of schools, scientific councils, libraries, and scientific trips, and familiarity with books and sitting with scholars.
At the end of the lecture, the participants expressed their admiration for the topic of the lecture, and expressed great interaction through the questions they asked in the electronic conversation.