14 March 2013

Juma Al Majid Centre participates in World Arab Library Day

Juma Al Majid Centre participates in World Arab Library Day As part of World Arab Library Day activities, Dubai Municipality organised a seminar to highlight the importance of libraries in preserving and strengthening the reach of literature and culture. The seminar drew a large audience of students and officials from various organisations committed to propagating education, literature and the arts. Emad Sabah from Juma Al Majid Centre for Culture and Heritage presented the first paper at the seminar. His presentation focused on ways to boost libraries and expand their reach. Rashid Mohammad Al Kous, Project Manager of the Knowledge Without Borders initiative being implemented in Sharjah spoke on the dimensions of the project and the activities it supports. Mohammad Saleh Al Shehi, a historian and researcher at Dubai Municipality Architectural Heritage Department, spoke on the importance accorded to books and libraries in Islamic civilisation. In his paper, Ahmad Hafiz, a director in the School Libraries Section at the Ministry Of Education, highlighted the importance of websites and internet resources and how they enabled the preservation and propagation of knowledge.