29 March 2012

King of the Malaysian mandate we Smpelln visits Juma Al Majid Center

His Majesty the King of the mandate we Smpelln Tuanku Mehrez I Tuanku Munawar, accompanied by his two sons, Crown Prince Tunku Zainal Abidin Tunku satisfaction of debt Visited Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage, on Monday, 26/12/2011 and was received by H.E. Juma Al Majid Center’s chairman, who accompanied the King and the delegation of university professors and scientists from the Safa Foundation, which is sponsored by the King along with a group of schools, orphanages,the Association of Scientists and wisdom, the College of Islamic studies and a branch of Al-Azhar University, and letely the University of Safa. Mr. Juma Al Majid briefed the visiting delegation on the property of the center of the books, manuscripts and documents, from the Persian library and other specialized libraries…, after a tour of the libraries and the Digital Lab, the delegation visited the researchers’ reading Hall where Mr. Al Majid described the procedure of work and service provided. Then the delegation went to the Department of National Heritage where they were briefed on British documents about the Gulf region and the UAE photos exhibition, and in the Manuscripts Department examined the indexes of manuscripts and how to save the manuscripts and Treasury original manuscripts. In his signature in the guestbook the king said, We found this center interested in studies and research in a variety of ancient cultures as well as contemporary and has a heritage of many civilizations.