18 January 2023

Lecture on Heritage Investigation

Juma Al-Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai organized a virtual lecture on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, titled “Heritage Scholarship: Issues, Responsibilities, and Enhancements.” The lecture was presented by Dr. Hassan Ahmed Al-Othman, an expert in the field of heritage scholarship and the director of the digital library at Dar Al-Makhtootat in Istanbul.
The lecture revolved around three main themes: constructing scholarly investigations, encompassing principles, rules, and introductions; major issues in the field of heritage scholarship; and the responsibilities and supplementary aspects of scholarly investigations. Dr. Al-Othman identified thirteen specific responsibilities and eleven major issues within the discipline of heritage scholarship.
During his presentation, Dr. Al-Othman specifically addressed those involved in manuscript investigation, emphasizing the importance of establishing investigations based on sound principles, rules, and a proper methodology. He cautioned against viewing investigations merely as a reflection of the investigator’s understanding and cultural background, stressing the significance of adhering to investigative principles rather than relying solely on personal experiences.
At the conclusion of the lecture, the center expressed its sincere appreciation to Dr. Hassan Al-Othman for delivering an exceptional presentation. Throughout the session, the audience actively participated by posing various questions and inquiries, all of which were diligently addressed by Dr. Al-Othman.