21 February 2023

Library and Information Science Course

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai concluded the seventeenth qualifying course in Library and Information Science. The course was held from February 21st to March 3rd, with the participation of 26 trainees within and outside the country.
The conclusion of the course was marked by a ceremony held at the center’s building in Dubai. The event began with a speech by Dr. Mohamed Kamil Jad, the Director-General of the center. He expressed his gratitude to the participants for their commitment to attending the course and their eagerness to benefit from it. He promised more advanced courses in the field of Library and Information Science. In a speech given by the trainees, Mr. Khaled Al Kharousi praised the center and its founder, Mr. Juma Al Majid, highlighting their support for culture through the provision of specialized scientific courses. He concluded with a beautiful poem praising the center, its founder, the management, and the instructors who had taught the participants over the course of two weeks.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, Dr. Mohamed Kamil Jad, the Director-General of the center, distributed certificates of completion to the participants of the course and the training team.
It’s worth mentioning that the center offers all its specialized courses for free, reflecting the founder’s belief in the importance of spreading knowledge and culture to all segments of society. The center will offer a specialized course in Modern Management in the field of Documents and Archives from the thirteenth to the seventeenth of March.