13 October 2012

Marketing Code for the Government and private Institutions

Marketing Code for the Government and private Institutions Juma Al Majid Center ended free training course in marketing code for the government and private institutions last week, the training course was in cooperation with Academy of Dr. Abdul Qadir Alaadaqa which was presented by Dr. Abdul Qadir . The training course was attended by 24 trainees from the following institutions: Municipality Sharjah, Emirates Transport, Department of Tourism, Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), Al Qasba, the Council of Sharjah Education, the Ras Al Khaimah Educational, Emirates Association for Youth Hostels, al Naboodah and Al Ghurair Group, and Beit Al Khair Society. Alaadaqa focused on how to set up marketing plans and successful sales through marketing code, and the invasion of local and international markets successfully, and how to control competitors through the code, and how to open outlets and the impact of new advertising campaigns through, the ocean strategies and use the code in the field of marketing and sales. The center aims of these courses to open prospects cooperation with government and private institutions.