08 June 2014

President of Turkmenistan gives Makhdoom Guly Fraghy distinction to Juma Al Majid

President of Turkmenistan gives Makhdoom Guly Fraghy distinction to Juma Al Majid President of Turkmenistan (gurban guly berdimuhamedov) lionized highest Juma Al Majid by gave him (Makhdoom Guly Fraghy) distinction. It was in grand ceremony which was held on May 15 in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat on the occasion of 290 years of the death of Turkmen poet Makhdoom Guly. This accolade comes from the President of the republic of the institutions that have contributed in spreading the Turkmenistan heritage and culture; including Juma Al Majid heritage and culture center, UNESCO, King Faisal Scientific research center, Kazakhstan University, Arevan Armenian University, Turkmenistan Manuscripts Institute, and others. Juma Al Majid Center have cooperated with Turkmenistan , where it presented a lot of scientific, technical assistance and technical expertise in the field of heritage conservation Turkmen manuscript. Also signed two agreements of scientific and cultural cooperation with Turkmenistan Manuscripts National Institute. In addition, The Center held two days conference in Dubai titled: Makhdoom Guly as a Turkmen poet unit, in November 2012, it was inaugurated by Ambassador of Turkmenistan (Oraz Mirat) in United Arab Emirates, and attended by his highest Sultan Al Suwaidi – the Chairman of Culture and Science Symposium in Dubai. The leading poets of Turkmenistan , Makhdoom Guly, has translated his poems in to 20 languages??. The scientists and researchers wrote in it many theses. Also he released his book in Arabic in 2012, by collaboration with Turkmenistan Manuscripts National Academy Institute, and printed under the auspices of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in United Arab Emirates, and printed after being translated by a group of scientific researchers from the Institute. Also the poet dr. Ibrahim Mustafa put the poems on the Arabic language rhymes. The highest Juma Al Majid gave deep thanks and great gratitude to the President Qrbankulai Mammadov, who was honored to express cultural relations and humanitarian, that must be between nations and people, so that converge these cultures and transmitted knowledge easily and conveniently.