29 February 2024

Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Applications

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai organized a workshop titled “Artificial Intelligence Applications in Future Industries: ChatGPT and Gemini google as Examples,” presented by Engineer Raif Al Ghouri, an expert in information and communication technology.
The workshop aimed to raise awareness about the importance of chatbot software based on artificial intelligence and how to harness them in envisioning the future for various sectors.
Engineer Raif Al Ghouri discussed the concept of Prompt Engineering and how to utilize it, explaining the operation of generative artificial intelligence tools such as GPT-3 and Gemini . He highlighted the capabilities and limitations of each tool and the optimal use cases for both. Additionally, he provided practical demonstrations of a wide range of commands used for sorting, categorizing, summarizing, extracting information, and translation. He also explained how to verify the accuracy of information obtained from GPT-3 and the art of crafting commands to create designs and graphics in various applications, saving users time, effort, and money.
At the end of the workshop, Dr. Mohammed Kamel Jad, the General Manager of the center, thanked Engineer Raif Al Ghouri for his excellent presentation and then honored him, distributing graduation certificates to the participants.