09 May 2024

Workshop on Crisis Management and Business Continuity

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai organized a workshop titled “Crisis Management and Business Continuity: Dubai as a Model.” The workshop was presented by Dr. Tarek Rasheed, an institutional development expert and an internationally certified consultant by the United Nations. A total of 36 trainees from various governmental and private entities, as well as interested individuals, participated in the workshop.
The workshop aimed to shed light on methodologies and strategies for crisis management and the development of alternative scenarios for business continuity, ensuring that institutions can continue their vital activities during emergencies, crises, and disasters.
Dr. Tarek Rasheed addressed numerous topics during the workshop, including a general introduction to crises and disasters faced by nations, whether natural or man-made, concepts of business continuity, strategic crisis management, scenario building, and anticipating future crises through the development of executive plans that support business continuity.
Dr. Tarek also discussed the experience of the UAE, particularly the Emirate of Dubai, in managing various past crises, highlighting how good planning by the wise government helped overcome those crises.
At the conclusion of the workshop, which saw significant interaction from the attendees, Dr. Mohammed Kamel Jad, Director General of the center, thanked Dr. Tarek Rasheed for his outstanding presentation. He then honored Dr. Tarek and distributed graduation certificates to the participants.