Photocopying service

1. Terms and Conditions of copying manuscripts
  • To submit a request mentioning the title of the manuscript, author’s name, and other possible details.
  • To attach the letter from the university or from any certified educational authority which assures the need of scholar to the concerned manuscript, or attach any thing which proves that he is in the field of
    research and editing.
  • Payment of material value of AED one for each page or snapshot, whether it is in digital format or on paper (not colored).
  • Researcher should undertake that he would donate a copy of the book after printing it to the library of the center, noting that a copy of the manuscript was obtained from the library of the center.
  • No more than three manuscripts can be ordered in one request.
  • The researcher will undertake not to upload the digitized manuscript on the Internet unless with the consent and written permission from the center.
2. Terms and Conditions of copying books
  • Photocopy of books are allowed with no more than 50% of the number of pages.
3. Terms and Conditions of copying thesis
  • Copying thesis is permissible only within the limit of 15% of the number of pages