05 October 2022

Afaq magazine issued by the Juma Al Majid Center obtains accreditation in the ARCIF coefficient, which is compatible with international standards

The Horizons of Culture and Heritage magazine, issued by the Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai, succeeded in achieving accreditation standards for the Arab Impact and Citation Factor (ARCIF), which is compatible with international standards, which number (32) standards.
The “ARCEV” coefficient, which was established in December 2013, is a systematic tool for measuring the relative importance of scientific journals and comparing them with others in their field of knowledge. It is extracted according to strict standard equations based on international standards.
The Arcif impact factor is supervised by the Supervision and Coordination Council, which consists of representatives of several Arab and international bodies: the UNESCO Regional Office for Education in the Arab Countries, the United Nations Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), the Library of Alexandria, the Knowledge Database, and the Association of Specialized Libraries. International: Gulf Branch. In addition to a scientific committee of experts and academics with a leading scientific reputation from several Arab countries and some foreign countries. ARCIF is also working on examining and studying the data of more than (5100) titles of Arab scientific or research journals in various disciplines, issued by more than From (1400) scientific or research bodies in (20) Arab countries, except for Djibouti and Comoros; For lack of data, only (877) scientific journals succeeded, as they were approved within the international standards of the ARCIF Laboratories (ARCIF) in the 2022 report.