28 September 2022

Juma Al Majid Center presents a symposium on “Foreseeing the Future in Light of the Knowledge Economy”

Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai, in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Administrative Development affiliated with the League of Arab States, organized a knowledge symposium entitled “Foreseeing the Future in Light of the Knowledge Economy”, in which Dr. Muhammad Khalif, Innovation and Digital Transformation Consultant, and Dr. Atef Ebeid, Consultant for Knowledge Organization and Digital Transformation, and Mr. Mohamed Awwad, Head of the Innovative Projects Department at ACTION TO.
The symposium began with Dr. Muhammad Khalif, who gave a presentation on the use of useful technology to serve society, overcoming the challenges of modern societies in health, education, climate issues, combating poverty, and achieving sustainable development goals, and the structural, technical and administrative changes that are required to achieve that vision, including support for Arab startups And creating partnerships with governments to own technology as one of the most important ingredients for possessing comprehensive power in this era.

Then Dr. Atef Ebeid spoke about metaphysics, saying: “There are two faces: a malicious one with whom we hope nothing but survival, and a benign face whose presence we hope for a more luxurious and reassuring life.” He clarified the reality of the two faces and their relationship to the Arab region, as well as the historical path leading to the Metaverse Gate, and the most important dangers of the malignant face of the Metaverse from dissolving local identities and cultures in favor of a confused world order!

The symposium concluded with Professor Mohamed Awad, who shed light on the industrial revolutions, and the challenges and opportunities associated with each industrial revolution, especially the fourth industrial revolution. And all knowledge facilities project digital knowledge awareness and its delivery to all segments of society.